Tuesday, November 11, 2014

John Wesley's Thoughts on War-A Commentary

Going to war can be a controversial thing, always has and always will be. Recently during the Gulf War of the early 2000's, some thought you surely could not be a Christian or a patriot if you did not support the war or "conflict" in Iran/Iraq, conflict probably a word making it easier for politicians to send other's sons and daughters into harm's way. Big Box Radio even censored the Dixie Chicks...remember them? Yes, I personally support those in our military. But not unlike, John Wesley, I question the wisdom or necessity to police the world. As a Conservative Libertarian, a position I reached after much thought and prayer, I believe old John B. had it mostly right. From a political view, Korea, Viet Nam , Iran, Irag, haven't changed that much since we left. World World Wars One and Two probably were necessary in keeping the world free of madmen who wanted to control the world. The Bible tells us one day God will allow that to happen under a world government. Depending on your theological bent, we may or not be on hand to witness this personally.

The Bible has much to say about violence and how we treat or neighbor. One can look back at our history and see that we did not always fair so well here in our country. Amish and others don't wear a mustasche so as not to be confused with the military personel who wore ornate ones after "killing them some injuns."I have to sometimes wonder who is really the illegal in the state of Texas, after all, remember the Alamo. I would encourage you to watch and listen to the video portrayal of John Wesley in Wesley's own words.Read what the Bible says, you may come away with a new view of things. I will leave you with the words of Shaw who said that someone who could not change their mind could not change anything...

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