Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Reflections...

As I sit here writing they are predicting our first snowfall of the season here in Southern Indiana. As a lover of snow this puts me in a better mood even though my joints crack and pop! I can remember a couple of times over the years when it snowed on Christmas. I can remember living in Fort Lauderdale when it seemed harder to get in the mood when it was 80 degrees outside, although that would feel really good right about now. With all the "Holiday" hype on television we hardly hear mention of the real Reason for the Season. They don't mention that some 2000 years ago God became man in the form of His Son so that we could have eternal life and someday meet Him face to face.
With all the advertizing and such, there is still something magical about this time of year. The most hardened cynic must notice there must be something better than chasing after material things.
As I pause and reflect, my prayer is that we don't forgot what Christmas is really about, be thankful for what we have in this nation where all seem wealthy compared to the way people live in some countries of the world. And that most of all that everyone would receive the greatest Gift of all, eternal life through Jesus, God's Son.

Merry Christmas to all; Keith/Circuit Rider